This Book Was Made By Hand 500 Years Ago, But It Has A Design Unlike Anything I've Seen Before.

When you think about the technology of books, your mind probably goes to today's Kindles, iPads and eReaders. But in the National Library of Sweden, there's a small book from the 16th century that has mind-blowing technology built right into it.

It has leather covers on the top, and the bottom is held together with little metal clasps on all sides instead of a binding. What's really amazing about this book is that it's not just one book, but six in one.

When it's closed, you can see the clasps on all sides.


The way the book is read depends on which clasps you open.

The leather covers are gorgeous.

Here's the book opening on one side and then the other.


Incredible that this high-tech antique was made by hand over 500 years ago. 

Credit: National Library of Sweden

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