This Box Has Been Hidden For 100 Years. What's Inside Is An Amazing Time Capsule Of The Past.

One hundred years ago, a town in Oklahoma had a brilliant idea: they created a time capsule of everyday objects to give the town of the future a glimpse of what life was like a century prior. 

Coming to you from 1913, here is a blast from the past.

The Pioneer Telephone & Telegraph Company's phone could not get 3G signal anywhere.

The Royal Costume Magazine of 1913 gives you the season's best looks while you side-eye a cruise seat.


This newspaper from 1913 looks back on old-school Okies from 1889.

Quality Coffee from 1913 may be a little past its sell-by date.

The Oklahoma state flag has undergone a few changes since then. 

The people of 1913 say hello to the people of 2013.


Amazingly, the townspeople included a letter written in Braille.

And a Bible written in the Choctaw language. 

A book of the Chickasaw Nation's constitution.

And if you wanted to crank up the tunes for the Century box festivities? Look no further than an Edison Graphophone.

Credit: Downtown OKC, Inc. 

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