This Box Shows You The Daily Forecast By Recreating The Weather Outside

Jun 8, 2015

Looking up the weather forecast is a dull affair. Sure, the weather app has a neat little satellite view that you can use to track storm clouds, and it's got a few other doodads, but it's still just staring at some image on a screen.

Japanese software engineer and inventor-by-night Ken Kawamoto agrees, which is why he came up with the Tempescope. He wanted to "break the barrier between the digital world and the real world," and created a device that creates real weather inside a little glass case. You can get rain, clouds, sunshine and even lightning!

The Tempescope interfaces with various web-based weather programs to bring you physical forecasts of the weather. You can set it to give you tomorrow's weather, or find out what the weather is anywhere around the world in real-time.

Looks like it'll rain tomorrow, time to stock up on pizza and work through my Netflix queue.

The earliest prototype that Kawamoto made used a plastic shampoo bottle, but it's gotten a little nicer since then. A water pump pumps water from the lower chamber to the top where it falls from holes drilled onto the bottom of the upper chamber.


Clouds are created with a diffuser in the lower chamber to create a fine water mist.

LED lights change colors depending on the time of day.

They also function as lightning. 



You can also get the weather for anywhere else, if you're homesick or have loved ones in other places.

Check out this video to learn more:

Kawamoto Ken

In case you're technically inclined, Kawamoto has released the code and schematics for the Tempescope openly on his website so feel free to build your own (and/or send me one if you do). If you're like the rest of us, though, a crowdfunding campaign to get a retail version is in the works for later this year.

Via: Bored Panda

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