This Brave Marine Jumped On A Grenade To Save His Fellow Soldiers

The brave men and women who serve in our nation's armed forces are some of this nation's finest. They embody ideals of selflessness and sacrifice, values which can seem somewhat uncommon in this day and age. William Kyle Carpenter is exemplary of those values. He took his oath as a United States Marine pretty seriously and jumped on a live grenade to save the lives of his comrades. Miraculously, he survived the blast. This is his story.

Carpenter earned the rank of Lance Corporal when he was just 21, and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

While they were in a firefight, an incoming grenade landed near his fellow soldier. Without hesitation, Kyle jumped on top of the grenade.

He saved the lives of his fellow soldiers by using his body as a shield.

Miraculously, he survived, but not without sustaining serious injury.

There was shrapnel embedded all over his body, and the bones in his face and skull were shattered.


He lost part of his jaw and one of his lungs collapsed. He was labeled P.E.A. (Patient Expired on Arrival) when he first arrived at Camp Bastion.

He had technically died, but he came back. He underwent forty surgeries over two years to repair all the damage, and received a Purple Heart for his bravery.

President Barack Obama also presented him with the Medal of Honor.

Kyle is now retired from the military and went to the University of South Carolina to earn a degree in International Studies.


He now travels the country as a motivational speaker and also aids in charity work.

Check out the video below to see more.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your service, Kyle. You truly are everything the Marine Corps embodies. We salute you.

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