This Building Is Shaped Like A Giant, Vintage Camera. I Was Surprised To Learn What's Inside

This two-story cafe in Seoul, Korea is getting a lot of attention – especially from photographers – as it is modeled after a classic, Rolleiflex TLR camera. Built by a retired Korean Air Force pilot, it now acts as a coffee shop and miniature camera museum. It’s located just 60 miles east of Seoul, South Korea, but you can learn more about the cafe and view recent photos and updates on their Facebook page and blog.

Or, if you're in the area, they open for visitors every day at 11am.

The sign at the top reads “The Dreamy Cafe,” and looks even more spectacular with the setting sun in the background.

The building was modeled after this Rolleiflex TLR camera. 

The beautiful interior, where tourists can view the museum and enjoy a cup of coffee.


The house next to it looks miniscule next to this gigantic, colorful structure.

The interior gives off the vibe of a warm, cozy home.

A view of the window, specially designed to resemble a camera lens.

The cafe looks even more breathtaking at night. How could you drive past this without stopping for a closer look?

Even the napkins are stored in a container that is shaped like a roll of film.


Visitors can leave their mark with a signed photo.

Faces from around the world are posted all over the cafe.

The best views of the cafe are at sunset.

But the vintage cameras on display in the museum are another sight you won’t want to miss. 

This is truly one of the most unique coffee shops in South Korea...or the world. 

Credit: Colossal | The Verge

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