This Building Looks Like Something From The Pages Of A Fairy Tale Book, But It's Actually Real.

Near the historic center of Sintra in Portugal, the Quinta da Regaleira estate holds the UNESCO's classification of a World Heritage Site. Its neighboring palaces: Pena, Monserrate and Seteais also hold this title. As one of the most popular tourist attractions of Sintra, the great estate boasts a palace, chapel and a park with grottoes, wells and fountains, all ornately and elegantly crafted.

The palace's nickname is "The Palace of Monteiro the Milionaire," after its original owner, Carvalho Monteiro. Monteiro purchased the land from the Barons of Regaleira and turned it into his four-hectare estate. Built by renowned Italian architect and opera set designer, Luigi Manini, the palace perfectly embodies a combination of Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Manuline styles. These photographs, by Canadian photographer Taylor Moore, provide a haunting tour of this historic location. (Titles from the artist.)

Regaleira Tower Day.

Regaleira Well Pano.

Regaleira Magic Light.

Regaleira Well Night.

Regaleira Caves.

Regaleira Tower Night.

Regaleira Macte Animo.

Regaleira Entrance.

Regaleira Pond.


Regaleira Door.

Regaleira Well Up.

Regaleira Urn Head.

Regaleira Roof Fog.

Regaleira Church Blue.

Regaleira Tilt.

Regaleira Alcemy.

Regaleira Flare.

Regaleira Balc.

Regaleira Pond.

Regaleira Candles.


Regaleira Interior Grotto.

Regaleira Interior Alc.

Regaleira Grotto.

Regaleira Circle of Light.

Regaleira Chapel Flare.

Regaleira Path.

Regaleira Steeple.

Regaleira Tunnel.

Regal Chapel.

Credit: Sintra Magic | Bored Panda

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