This Cabin Has Incredible Views, Plenty Of Space, And Is Absolutely Free. But There's A Catch

Accommodations at a chalet atop the middle of the Italian Alps can be quite expensive, but for those who have an inclination for adventure, this chalet is absolutely free. The only catch to staying here is that you have to literally climb a mountain to get to it. Located 8,300 feet from the base of the mountain, this is one destination that you really need to have some serious dedication to reach.

Conceived as a memorial to Luca Vuerich, who passed away in an avalanche in 2010, the chalet is located within the Italian Alps and can house up to nine people and their gear.

The project of building the chalet was initiated by the deceased climber’s family and created by Giovanni Pesamosca. Using a team of 12 workers, some friends, and mountain rescue volunteers, Giovanni completed the project using 18 flights to deliver all the materials and tools needed to finish construction.

The chalet was eventually completed in 2012 and is specifically designed to be of little to no maintenance. The unique shape of the building serves the purpose of increased structural integrity along with a roof designed to not allow snow buildup.

Credit: DailyMail

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