This Caravan Is Available For Rent In The Summer. Wait 'Til You See The Inside

Prague-based industrial design and architecture firm Miramari Design was fascinated with the Tiny House movement. Seeing what people were doing to build their little homes, less than 500 square feet, inspired the designers to try their hand at a tiny home.

They call is "Maringotka," which means "caravan" in Czech, and it's very small; only 258 square feet.

The exterior of the home was inspired by the vardos, sometimes called Romani wagons or gypsy wagons, used by the British Romani people in the mid-1800s.


And the inside is the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern elements.

They kept the wagon's curved roof and wood paneling but opted for sleek clean lines and a cool-hued blond natural wood.

The kitchen flows effortlessly into the living room area with plenty of natural light and space.


The bathroom feels larger with its round window and chic oversized Weimaraner mural.

You can see the sleeping area at the far end of the wagon from the floor design.

Miramari is renting out their tiny house for summers to travelers wanting a taste of the old nomadic life with a high-end contemporary twist.

Credit: Miramari Design | Little Things

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