This Cat Became Best Buds With A Dragon

It is always so touching to see unlikely friendships flourish. No matter how many adorable duos or trios we see on the internet, these heartwarming stories never seem to get old. They demonstrate that all races can live in harmony and even develop meaningful friendships - and that is definitely something that we want children to see as they grow up.

The delightful duo of the day is Miss Charles the female bearded dragon and Mr. Baby the male cat. You'd think that the pair would not have much in common, but, against all odds, they have become the best of friends. They enjoy various activities together, from playing outside the home to cuddling up together in bed. No matter what life gives them, they'll always be there to share every moment together!

In the beginning, the owners feared that Mr. Baby would attack Miss Charles. After all, the feline could easily hurt the small beardie. Luckily, they bonded instead.

The two shared a love for naps and cuddles ...

... and guarding the house.

Mr. Baby is terrified of thunder, but having Miss Charles by his side during those times made it much easier to endure.


The beardie will hug her furry friend to calm him down and ensure him that everything will be okay.

Their owners have no qualms about leaving them alone with each other. They know that Mr. Baby would never, ever hurt Miss Charles.

Some people would never think that a reptile could be so cuddly.

Just wait until they see Miss Charles all snuggled up to her feline friend. In fact, they look out for each other and share lots of hugs and kisses.


They even enjoy their meals side by side!

Mr. Baby is also a gentleman. One time, Miss Charles took over his bed, but Mr. Baby gladly slept in a box so as not to disturb his beardie friend.

What a beautiful, happy family!

Can't get enough of this irresistibly cute couple? Check out the video below:

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H/T: Bored Panda | charles_the_dragon

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