This Cat Has Taken The Internet By Storm. When I Saw His Pictures, I Immediately Understood Why.

There is a very special cat in Copenhagen. His name is Monty, and he is quite possibly the sweetest cat ever. Monty may not look like other cats, but what he lacks in feline features he makes up for with awesome kitty spirit.

 As a result of a chromosomal abnormality, Monty has no nasal bridge. This gives him the appearance of a bunny and makes him sneeze more than the average cat. There are some complications related to his abnormality, but his owners say that any possible issue is more than worth it to enjoy his wonderful personality. Despite his sweet disposition, Monty was not adopted until he was three years old, likely because potential owners were hesitant to adopt a cat with disabilities. Those who decided to pass on him must be regretting their decision now. 

Meet Monty the cat. 

Monty must be pretty awesome to deserve having his face on a bag.

He enjoys normal cat activities, like playing with a cartoon version of himself on his phone. 

Monty’s got a fan in this cat friend.  


But, then again, who wouldn’t be a fan? Look at this face. 

He may be incredibly sweet, but this doesn’t mean that Monty never has his stuck-up cat moments. 

They’re all in good fun, though. 

Check out this adorably piercing gaze. 

Being awesome can really tucker a little kitty out. 


How many cats can claim their own line of merchandise?

Monty also has human fans, who create cute art for him. 

Thanks, Monty. Same to you. 

The attention and adoration that Monty receives just goes to show you that appearance is only skin, or fur, deep. 

Credit: Monty

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