This Chimp Was Adopted By Dogs After His Mom Died. I Smile Every Time I See What They Do Together.

When this baby chimp's mother died at the zoo, the little orphan chimp was taken home by his caretakers to give him the TLC he needed until they found a suitable foster chimp.

But when the caretaker's Mastiff, met the chimp, she loved the him instantly. Prepare yourself for a real-life Disney movie:

Rather than fear her, the chimp was instantly curious about the dog.

It didn't take long for them to relax enough to take a nap together.

He fit right in with the other puppies. 


He loved getting cuddles from his new mom.

And his new puppy brothers and sisters.

He even tried to nurse from her. Look at that sleepy mom.

The puppies accepted the chimp as another puppy...


...And the dog accepted the chimp completely as her own.

You couldn't ask for a better mama.

Credit: Reddit

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