This Christmas Gift Isn't As Obvious As It Looks. It's Actually Really Brilliant.

While some people might look for the easiest way to wrap their Christmas gifts, others look to get as creative as possible. This clever Reddit user certainly falls into the latter category. You won’t believe how they wrapped one of the most coveted gifts, an iPhone.

To begin, they thought of an object that didn’t look like anything close to an iPhone.

Now, there’s an iPhone...

So, they decided to use a chair for their project, cutting various pieces from a cardboard box.


Voilà, a chair made of cardboard.

Do you see that slot in the middle of the chair’s seat?

It’s just the right size to fit the iPhone.

No one would guess an iPhone would be hiding in this wrapping paper.


The time has come to put the gift by the Christmas tree.

Hopefully, the recipient wasn’t too thrilled with the idea that they would be getting a new chair.

Now, that’s how you trick someone.

Wrapping your gifts in such a clever way is great for surprising your recipient. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you should definitely wrap your gift in a way that doesn’t look as appealing as what is actually hidden inside.

Source: ViralNova | Imgur

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