This City Found An Absolutely Brilliant Way To Reuse An Abandoned Walmart

There are more than 4,000 Walmart stores across America today. These ridiculously large stores often can take up the size of two football fields. But, what happens when stores shut down? There aren't many businesses that need that amount of space.

When a Walmart shut down in McAllen, Texas, city officials faced the issue of a giant vacant building. They infused urban planning with community development principles to create an innovative community center. Although they could have reached out to another big-box retailer, they opted to transform it into the largest single-floor public library in the United States.

Talk about dreamy. I'd love to go there and cozy up with a book all day.


The architects decided to create a simple, modern space after removing the old ceilings and walls.

Across the 123,000-square-foot library are 16 public meeting spaces, 14 public study rooms, 116 public computer labs, 10 children's computer labs and even 2 genealogy computer labs. 

And if all of that is not enough, there's also a café, a used book store and an auditorium. 


They not only outdid themselves on the library, but also on the landscaping. Hands down, this is the best public library ever. 

Boasting more than 350,000 items in its collection, you could really lose yourself there for a day, a month or even a year.

Credit: WebUrbanist

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