This City Was Hidden From The World For More Than 25 Years. Today, It Is Slowly Resurfacing.

Deep in the heart of Argentina is a town that rarely has visitors. It is called Villa Epecuen, and between the deserted streets and ruined buildings, it appears to have been ravaged by war or natural disaster. However, few people know what actually happened to the once-bustling tourist town.

The truth is, Villa Epecuen spent a quarter of a century underwater. 

The town was established in the 1920’s and quickly became home to more than 5,000 residents. Thousands of vacationers came every year to visit the nearby salt lakes. 

In 1985, the unthinkable happened – a dam burst, burying the town in 33 feet of salt water. Within days, Villa Epecuen was abandoned. 

In 2009, the waters began to recede, unveiling what looked like an apocalyptic world. 


Most residents were forced to leave behind the bulk of their belongings. 

Many of which are now unrecognizable. 

Dead trees line what used to be streets, while sign posts point to nowhere. 

It’s a desolate place, full of mystery. 

Amazingly, one resident did not leave on that fateful day in 1985. All this time, Pablo Novak has been living in the town, surviving in a stone hut with a fridge and basic cooker. 


Pablo’s story goes to show that there is no place like home, even when it has been swallowed by the sea. 

And who knows? Perhaps this old town will be re-built someday. 

It is amazing to think that a town that spent a quarter of a century underwater could once again become a tourist destination. Share this story with your adventurous friends and family – after all, Pablo could use some visitors. 

Credit: Mess Nessy Chic | Juan Mabromata | F. Peretti

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