This Clever Wall Design Doubles As A Plant Garden

Design is one of those things that pervades through every aspect of our lives, yet is something that we don't usually think too heavily about. Everything you're using - from your phone, to your shoes, to your stove at home - all underwent a design process where someone sat and thought about how to best incorporate form and functionality into a product. Generally speaking, we only really think of design when something goes wrong. Maybe the shape of your in-ear headphones is just too weird to fit in your ears, or that flashy logo on your jeans digs into your skin every time you sit a certain way. Those are all examples of design gone wrong. 

Sometimes good designs are revolutionary, completely re-inventing something or creating something totally new. Other times, good design can be as simple as taking something that's been the same for a long time and showing it to the world in a way that no one thought to look at it before. That's what Seoul-based designer Kyungsub Shin has tried to do with his latest design for an upgrade to the humble wall.

Noticing that people often like to decorate the outside of their buildings with potted plants, he designed a wall that incorporates several spaces to plant flowers. 


The grooves in the wall allow the plants to grow, eliminating the need for a traditional flower pot hanging system.

The built-in pots have a bulbous shape and are made of reinforced glass fiber.

They can be used to house a wide variety of plants.


They look pretty interesting even when not in use.

It's one of those simple ideas that makes you wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

Here's hoping the idea takes off so we can make the urban jungle just a little more beautiful.

H/T: LifeBuzz | Kyungsub Shin

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