This Coffee Table Looks Ordinary, But It Transforms Into The Coolest Thing When He Dims The Lights

Imgur user Baumstaller was in Woods 1 class as a high school sophomore when he had an idea for a way to construct his own infinity table.

He'd seen them selling online for several thousands of dollars, but he wanted to construct one from his original design.

First, he constructed the table in two separate pieces.

The table was made from a frame with rails and an inside frame.

He attached the legs to the table for sturdiness.

Holding the inside plate up to the frame, he was able to get a sense of what the finished piece would look like.

He used something called pocket drilling, which allowed him to drill the legs in from the inside of the table.

A natural stain brings out the detail of the wood grain.

The legs are stained as well. In this, you can see how shallow the actual form of the table really is.


The top plate goes on. Without any of the wiring, this is what the table will look like.

Now for the fun part: wiring in the lights.

He drilled a hole through one of the table legs to feed out his power cord.

The bottom mirror lines the bottom part of the inside of the table.

And then he hot glued the lights around the rim.

Here's the table with the lights and the mirror set up.

The top glass piece adds the finishing touch.

But it's when the lights come on that this table becomes truly award-winning.

It's the perfect addition to a man cave.


The LED lights change color as well.

It's a little vertigo inducing.

Super trippy.

But it looks stunning in the room.

It even looks great without the lights turned on.

Here's the obligatory banana for scale.

Pretty great for a high schooler, right?

Credit: Imgur

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