This Contraption May Look Odd, But It's Perfect For Blind Dogs

For any living being, going blind presents an array of tough challenges. When humans become blind, we rely on a mixture of support systems to adapt to our new reality, including canes, service animals, and guidance from friends and family.

However, there has historically been little support for our blind canine friends. Blind dogs can often be costly and difficult to care for, heightening their risk of being put down…

…until today.

Inventor Silvie Bordeaux was not willing to put her 13-year-old toy poodle down when he went blind, even though he often fell down stairs and walked into walls.

Bordeaux turned to her inventor background to create a halo harness that warns dogs when they are close to an obstacle.

The clever invention quickly became used by dogs of all shapes and sizes.

A pair of angel wings at the base completes the halo miracle.


Although there are many other designs to choose from.

Bordeaux hopes that shelters will start using the device to increase blind dogs’ chances of adoption.

How can you resist these adorable angel dogs?


Bordeaux’s invention could potentially save thousands of canine lives in coming years, as well as provide peace of mind to blind dogs’ owners – not bad for a day’s work.

If you would like to purchase one for your dog or to donate to your local shelter, visit her website. Every dog deserves a second chance, and with the halo harness, there is new hope for our blind canine friends.

Credit: Silvie Bordeaux

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