This Cottage Looks Like It's On The Verge Of Collapse, But One Step Inside And I Never Want To Leave

When you think of a house that was recently renovated, an image like this would be the last thing that comes to mind. This 200-year-old stone house in Linescio, Switzerland was recently beautifully renovated, but only on the inside. From the outside, you would never expect to see such a beautiful interior with its crumbling stone walls.

The renovation was completed by Buchner Bründler Architekten. The exterior was left untouched, and they essentially built a home within a home with a brand new interior shell. The interior consists of fresh concrete surfaces and modern finishes, a new bathtub was installed, and a single slab was used for the kitchen counter. But perhaps the most intriguing part of the redesign are the tall wooden shutters that fold open to reveal the original window frames.

A view of the interior bedroom with a unique position of a natural wood fireplace. 

The tall wooden shutters fold open to let sunlight into the home.


A view of the open area and its sleek concrete flooring and walls.

The perfect setting for a dining area.

The bathroom is unlike any I've ever seen before.

The stone walls look beautiful from the inside.

The bathroom doorway looks like one from a giant castle.


You can still see the original structure in place as they designed around it.

The bathtub looks so alluring.

The view from the outside doesn't look so shabby after seeing the new interior.

Not bad at all.

Credit: Archfly | BBARC

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