This Couple Has Been Married Longer Than Anyone In America. Here's How It All Started.

John and Ann grew up together. John was the boy across the street who became Ann's sweetheart, stealing her heart and eloping with her (before she could be married to another man, no less). It's the stuff of classic romance, but what about the years after the wedding? Most stories end at the "I do," but a real marriage keeps going.

In the case of John and Ann Betar, it kept going for over 81 years.

Ann's father had chosen a man 20 years Ann's senior that he wanted her to marry. Fortunately, John was brave.

They drove off in his Ford Roadster and eloped. When their families found out, they were furious and said that the couple would never last.

But they did. In 2013, the Worldwide Marriage Encounter named them as the longest married couple.

If you ask John the secret to a happy marriage, he'll tell you: "Always agree with your wife."

Credit: Daily Mail UK

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