This Couple Turned The Most Unexpected Thing Into A House, And It Looks Like A Mini Paradise

The Internet has changed the way people think about vacations. No longer confined to large hotels on the beach, thanks to sites like Airbnb, nearly any home is a potential destination, if you’re the type to keep an open mind. Two such free-thinkers in Stockholm, Stina and Jon, created a guest house on their property by performing a creative renovation on a vintage bus.

Some original details were kept, like these amazing seats.

Others, like the original floor, were covered up with rugs and carpet.

But most amazing are the additions to the bus, such as this rooftop patio, complete with a productive lemon tree.


The covered living room area also features a grill, for some classic rooftop barbecuing.

From some angles, you almost can’t tell that this quirky rental started life as a 1976 Volvo bus.

Even the bedroom is just too adorable for public transportation.

The rear of the bus offers fantastic views of the surrounding woods.


And the whole family can enjoy the stay, with these optional cots.

Custom cabinetry rounds out the homey feel of this one-of-a-kind, Swedish destination.

Source: Tiny House For Us | Photography: Stina Och Jon

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