This Couple's Prom Photo Went Viral... For Obvious Reasons

A seemingly normal prom photo of a young Colorado couple is going viral for reasons that become quite obvious the minute that you see the full image. The photo features Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend, Charlie Bator, both freshmen at Wray High School, smiling together as a tornado is visibly forming in the background.

Ali's mom, Heidi, took the photo only after she felt confident that the tornado was about three miles away - far enough not to be a danger to any of them.

Ali also took a selfie with the tornado for Snapchat.

Ali captioned the selfie, "Selfie ft. Tornado #prom2k16."

According to Ali, the pictures her mom took were "after it died down a little." Although the tornado did injure five people, the high school decided not to cancel prom, though they did delay it by about 45 minutes for safety reasons.

Unusual prom experiences are actually more common than you might think. In one case, a girl discovered at prom that she was allergic to shellfish. "As I started to scratch my neck I felt a lump about the size of an egg at the base of my skull," she recalls. "It was also at about this point that all of my friends noticed that I was the color of a tomato."

She was hospitalized shortly thereafter. "Suffice to say, I had a pretty hefty crowd (practically the entire Junior and Senior class) watch as I blew up like a red balloon and had to be carted out on a stretcher in front of everyone," she says. "When I got to the hospital I got to have my beautiful, expensive dress cut off of me and I spent the rest of the night hooked up to IVs as my friends danced the night away."

In another, much more disturbing incident, a teacher's misconduct tainted the prom. The teacher, who had won "Favorite Teacher" multiple times, was found to have been sexually involved with a student. He resigned weeks before prom, but took all the funds for the event before he left.

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H/T: Opposing Views | Ali Marintzer

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