This Cozy Teardrop Custom Trailer Is What Road Trip Dreams Are Made Of.

Throughout seven months over the winter, Ryan set about building a "Wyoming Woody" teardrop trailer. Ryan says it took "1 year of thinking, 6 months of designing, 7 months of construction, and the help of some good friends who provided tools and workshop space."

This was the end result. Now, to go back to the humble beginning...

It started out with a 5x8 trailer.

Then the poplar frame and insulation was assembled.

After coating the underside with asphalt emulsion, the floor deck was attached to the trailer.

The wall panels coming together.

The edges of the walls are rounded out.

The holes are carefully cut for weight reduction, wiring and insulation.


During the dry fitting, you can start to see the shape come together.

Fitting the cabinets together requires so much precision.

The rear cabinets have to fit into the trailer just so. 

The cabinets and the walls are finally glued together.

The headliner (inner skin) is wrapping around the trailer and pulling it all together.

The next step is installing the roof spars and building the framework for the fan and the window.

And the framework for the galley hatch door.

Beginning the wiring is no small feat.


The wires have very specific spaces cut in the insulation.

Now the outer skins in the gorgeous okoume wood.

An aniline dye and several coats of epoxy give the wood a gorgeous color and shine.

The interior gets a layer of polyurethane.

Putting the doors and windows in.

The finished rear cabinets.

And it’s ready for the open road.

Credit: Imgur

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