This Cruel Man Was Caught Dragging His Pet Dog Behind His Car To "Stretch His Limbs"

A horrifying scene occurred in Ankara, Turkey when a man was spotted chaining his Kangal breed dog to his car by the neck, then dragging the dog behind the car as he began to drive. 

Naturally, the community was outraged, and authorities were brought in to investigate. The man tried to defend himself by saying that since it's his dog, he can walk it any way he sees fit. Everyone else, however, wasn't buying it. Many are calling the man a monster and demanding that he be arrested and for the dog to be put into an animal shelter.

Just look at these images.

Currently, the police have taken statements, but it remains to be seen if the man will be punished for torturing his dog like this. Here's hoping that poor pup finds justice.

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H/T: HeroViral | dailysabah

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