This Cube Might Look Like An Artistic Sculpture, But Wait Until You See What's Inside.

When architect Sou Fujimoto set out to create his newest modestly-sized modern home in the hills, wood spoke to him for not only its aesthetics, but its great versatility. Fujimoto uses wood for structural beams, the exterior, flooring, ceiling and interior walls.

The wood looks completely at home alongside the water and trees.

It's almost hidden in plain sight, still getting plenty of natural light.

You would never guess this was a home at first glance.

But it's very livable.

Sleeping and sitting spaces develop naturally from the wood beams.


As well as socialization areas.

The kitchen blends seamlessly into the design.

The simplicity of the space lets the needs make themselves known rather than being pre-designed.

The luxury and comfort of this home come from the harmony with its surroundings.

Some of the areas, like this work space, couldn't be any better designed.

Although the wood stacks look random, they were carefully planned with all functions and necessities in mind.


The windows maximize airflow and energy efficiency.

It blends so beautifully into the hillside.

It is definitely designed for a very particular kind of person, with a minimalist aesthetic and a love for the outdoors.

And an appreciation for the simple things in life.

Credit: Iwan Baan | Sou Fujimoto

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