This Dad Draws Everything His 3 Year Old Says To Him, And It's Absolutely Hilarious.

Martin Bruckner wanted a way to remember the weird, funny stuff that his three-year-old, Harper Grace, would say. So he started turning her expressions into hilarious illustrations.

They're on his Tumblr, Spaghetti Toes, and they're a great look at the mind of a toddler.

The girl knows what she likes:

Seems legit.

She's got a great way of expressing heartache:


And a tummy ache:

But she's got the cure:

And she's onto you, Mom:

Sometimes she needs a second to think:


And sometimes she's got some confusing injuries.

No matter how she says it, she's a little girl who sure loves her daddy.

Credit: Martin Bruckner 

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