This Daycare In China Is Home To A Group Of Pandas, And It's The Cutest Place In The World

Everybody loves a daycare. What's more fun than watching little babies play, nap, giggle and learn from each other? Get ready to have an extra dose of job jealousy for the workers at the Chengdu Research Base in Sichuan, China.

This "daycare" is a nursery and breeding center for these adorable little panda cubs to ensure they grow up as healthy as can be.

Hopefully as these cuties grow up together, some puppy love will spark among some of the pandas -- researchers are hoping that they'll breed together. 

The panda population is dwindling rapidly and may be as low as 1,864.

Female pandas are only able to breed 2-3 days out of the year and produce a cub every two years so babies are a precious resource.

The baby pandas would be highly vulnerable out in the wild.

 Adult pandas require a lot of bamboo and many predators are wily enough to wait to prey on the cubs when the mother is out feeding.


As adults, pandas have very few natural predators.

It is believed that the lifespan of a panda out in the wild would be upward of 25 years.

Humans are by far the greatest threat to the survival of pandas.

Poachers, musk deer trappers, tourists and land developers all present threats to the survival of the panda species.

But here at Chengdu, a little panda can thrive.

The research base was founded in 1987 to house pandas and other endangered animals.

Chegndu began with six giant pandas that had been captured from the wild and removed from threatening situations.


By 2008, those 6 pandas had produced 124 offspring.

Today, Chengdu's panda population is 83, one of the largest in the world.

Many organizations and zoos work with Chengdu to help preserve this amazing animal.

From the US, Zoo Atlanta lent Chengdu two giant pandas, Yang Yan and Lun Lun.

The Atlanta pandas found panda mates and produced five panda cubs in total.

The Chengdu Research Base is open to the public. You can check it out and learn more about their baby panda daycare program here.

Via: Bored Panda

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