This DIY Wooden Bench Takes The Backyard Fire Pit To The Next Level

Everyone loves a family camping trip and there's no limit to the kinds of memories you can make around the campfire. There's something about it that just calls out for a guitar, some s'mores, and some stories. Why not bring all the fun of the campfire right into your backyard?

Joshua Rhodes decided to do just that. He set about building a bench that would curve around a firepit. He chose to build the bench on just one side of the fire, so as not to dominate the entire yard with big, wooden seating.

We love DIY projects and this one's got all the hallmarks of perfection. Even a well-crafted diagram! You can't make the perfect backyard bench without a diagram, right? Right.

He'd seen benches like this one retailing for $2,000, but a trip to Home Depot to pick up supplies turned out to cost him only $125.

He spent a lot of time perfecting the design and it sure paid off. Look at how precise that frame is.

Joshua even built extra supports for the bench since it would be sitting on an uneven lawn.


He screwed the seat panels onto the frame.

It's already looking so cool!

He then began assembling a seat back for the bench.

Talk about maximum relaxation.

The slats go onto the seat back.

This is the perfect design for hot summer nights with the family.


A few coats of paint really brighten it up.

Removable pillows add comfort and they're also interchangeable, for coordinating to the season.

It's the perfect pop of color, fun and functionality to create an enjoyable outdoor space for the entire family.

For more details on how Joshua created this beautiful outdoor furniture (especially if you'd like to try your hand at it!), be sure and check out his blog for more information.

H/T: A Beautiful Mess

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