This Dog Has A Rather Unusual Gang Of Friends. They're So Cute Together

At home in São Paulo, Brazil, Bob the Golden Retriever is living the dog's life. But it isn't just Bob's friendly zen-like calm that's attracted the world's attention. It's the care and love Bob has for his animal siblings: eight birds and a tiny hamster.

It's all about getting the right perch.

As the biggest of the bunch, Bob is committed to keeping his friends safe.

Although he jumps into the arms of his human whenever he gets the chance.

He stays on the lookout for the birds and they return the favor.

He's just like a huge golden pillow to these birds.

This bed is big enough for everybody.

Looks like it's time for everyone to get belly rubs.

Bob is the perfect size to hitch a ride.


Now that is the grin of a proud big brother.

It's pretty clear that everybody loves Bob.

How could you not fall for this gentle giant?

He's always willing to give you a leg up.

And keep an eye on things.

It's a tough balancing act for sure.

But he makes sure that everyone gets their time with him.

How cute is this?

Bird taxi, coming through.


Time for nose snuggles.

Party time.

There's no perch like a dog perch.

Even the hamster knows (nose?) that.

It can be a tough gig being the biggest brother.

But somebody's got to do it.

Follow Bob's instagram here for even more of his adorable dog adventures.

Via: Instagram

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