This Dog Is Heartbroken The Minute He Realizes He's Being Surrendered To The Shelter

Animals seem to have a sixth sense about when something's not right. They just seem to have an intuitive knack for knowing when disaster is imminent. This dog named Toto seemed to know instantly what was going on when his owners brought him in to surrender him to the Carson Animal Control Office in California.

The video below shows the moment that the three-year-old Chihuahua was surrendered. He can be seen jumping on his owner's leg, pulling on his leash to get away. The look on his face is heartbreaking. Toto was given up because he was apparently "too vocal," which is a pretty lame excuse since you can easily train a dog to curb that. 

The Carson Animal Control Office was desperate to try to find a good foster home (or forever home) for Toto because they were already pretty full, and animals who are surrendered by their owners are more likely to be put down. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending - Toto didn't just find a foster home, he found a loving forever home! 

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H/T: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

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