This Dog Was Getting Eaten Alive By Maggots. That Is, Until This Man Saved His Life

Wilson Martins Coutinho is a man from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who has dedicated his life to helping abandoned stray dogs. One day, he came across a stray dog who caught his attention.

He immediately discovered that the dog was in worse condition than he had originally thought when he noticed that he was being eaten alive by maggots. He named the dog Francisco and over the course of a few weeks, Coutinho slowly brought Francisco back to health. Below are the images of one the most amazing rescues I’ve ever seen.

Warning: Some of the images below are graphic, but the beautiful ending is worth it.

The first thing Coutinho noticed was how malnourished the dog was. His bones were clearly visible, and he had a severe infection on his breastbone.

Wilson wrapped the dog’s wounds with a spare towel to protect the exposed muscle and tissue from further infection.

Wilson noticed that the dog was being “eaten alive” by maggots!

His skin and ears were also extremely infected.

Every step Francisco took was painful because his paws were also deeply degenerative.

So, the first thing Wilson did to restore Francisco back to health was disinfect everything.

Francisco was so weak that he could barely move as Wilson applied ointment on his open wounds.


Every wound was infected, but Francisco remained calm during his treatments.

Several gauze bandages were used to cover the wounds.

Francisco finally managed to get a close look at his rescuer.

He also got some delicious treats.

He couldn’t chew his food, so Wilson spoon-fed him.

And he had a big appetite!

Francisco gained some weight by the time his next checkup came around.

His wounds were cleaned, and the maggots were removed individually.

The process was disgusting, but it had to be done to save Francisco’s life.

After that, a new layer of gauze and ointment was added to his wounds.


A touching moment between Francisco and his owner.

He enjoyed more snacks!

By his third doctor’s visit, Francisco was completely maggot-free.

He was much more alert during his third round of treatments.

Not too long afterward, he was ready to play!

And he slept just like any normal dog.

Thanks to Wilson’s care, Francisco was able to make it through another day.

Credit: PetFlow

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