This Dog Was Set For Euthanasia When A Last-Minute Observation Saved His Life

Any pet owner can tell you that one of the biggest things you have to worry about with regards to your pet's well-being is fleas, heartworms, and ticks. These pests can wreak some serious havoc on your pet, including infecting them with a wide range of diseases. Getting rid of them can be costly and time-consuming, and, in some cases, it can be a downright nightmare.

For one Oregon couple and their 10-year-old Shetland sheepdog, Ollie, a tick nearly ended up being a matter of life and death. After going on a camping trip, they noticed Ollie was looking drowsy and moved a lot slower than usual. Despite running a bunch of tests, the vets were unable to determine what the issue was. Shortly thereafter, Ollie was completely paralyzed.

Unfortunately, after a lot of deliberation, Ollie's parents made the very difficult choice of putting him to sleep. They took him to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where Dr. Adam Stone and an intern named Neena Golden prepped him for the procedure. By chance, Neena went to scratch Ollie behind his ear and felt a lump which turned out to be a tick. That's when Dr. Stone realized that Ollie may have been suffering from a rare condition called tick paralysis.

If a tick's saliva stays in a dog's system for a long enough time, it can cause neurological issues. Ollie's symptoms matched the condition, and the cure was simple enough - remove the tick. Dr. Stone and Neena removed the tick and also shaved Ollie's fur to ensure they hadn't missed any others.

Although the family was told that it'd take a few days for Ollie to recover, he was up and running within just 10 hours! Good boy, Ollie!

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