This Doll Looks Like A Cabbage Patch Kid. But When You Look Closer, It's Something Even Better.

Never ones to back down from a challenge, these new parents joined their friends in turning their real life baby into a Cabbage Patch Kid. Adding to the fun, the parents documented the costume process.

Here is the end result. It's a little weird, but it's cute.

It was the cat, Pebbles, that first gave them the idea to use this box.

They fit the box to the stroller. It's just the right size.

A quick coat of construction paper...


Wrapped all the way around the box...

And then a coat of spray paint. (Maybe a little on the driveway too.)

Now, on to the wig.

Easy enough.

The finished wig.


Someone is ready for her close-up.

A few details on the box...

And this happy baby is ready for her fitting.

She's an authentic Cabbage Patch Kid.

What an adorable baby costume.

Credit: Imgur

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