This Domesticated Baby Fox Is Always Sleeping, And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

For years, Siberian foxes have been bred in Russian to be tamer and more dog-like. But today, some breeders in the U.S. are starting to domesticate foxes, not for fur, but for the pure delight of being around an adorable little fox.

Meet Rylai.

Despite her white color, she is a domesticated red fox.

She has her very own Instagram and Facebook pages.

Unsurprisingly, she is becoming quite the star with her absolutely precious photo posts.


She's only 5 weeks old, so she's pretty into napping these days.

Rylai lives in the southern United States with her new human mom, Jennifer.

Rylai is over 100 years removed from wild foxes and is completely tame.

And oh so very cute.

She understands the importance of a good accessory.


And a good manicure.

Rylai is still young, but she's starting to be trained, much like a puppy.

She's working hard at it – foxes are a little more difficult to train than dogs.

They live in a state where it's legal to own foxes, although many places do not permit them as pets.

But you can still follow along with her adorable sleepytime adventures on Instagram.

Credit: Bored PandaInstagram

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