This Elderly Couple Takes A Picture Together Every Season, But The Last One Made Me Tear Up

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s a lot of truth to that. It’s one thing to provide a detailed explanation of something, but quite another to show it outright. Take this elderly couple for instance. They took a picture together in their yard during every season for many, many years. 

Without a single word being said, the pictures provide a touching story of companiship, love, joy, fear and loss. Looking through it, you'll get a realistic view of how fast time goes by, and how much our surroundings change without us realizing. In the end, you'll get the biggest realization of all.

This first photo was taken in 1973.

With the help of photographer, Ken Griffiths, they would pose outside of their cottage house in East Sussex, England every season.

He titled the series, "English Country Garden" since it shows the variety of flowers grown by the English.


You can notice the change in their garden with each passing photo.

While the series was supposed to be focused on their garden...

The more noticeable feature is the elderly couple.

Through each season and each passing year, they have grown stronger together.

Without saying anything, we are able to feel how much they love each other.


They look like one single unit when they’re together.

It teaches us that time is unstoppable and it moves quickly.

Especially this last photo that made our hearts sink ...

Credit: Onemorepost

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