This Family Collected These Pieces Of Wood From A Nearby Forest, And Created The Most Awesome Thing.

The great thing about being a kid is having a limitless imagination. Everything from a cardboard box to a few small branches from a tree can be anything you dream them to be. Sometimes, that sense of wonder doesn't go away, even when you reach adulthood and have children of your own. In this amazing dad's case, he was able to use his wild imagination (and some branches) to create some incredible loft beds for his two sons. With a little help from them, of course.

How much fun they must have had, collecting the wood for their new beds.

And helping to cut those branches down to size.


Of course, some tasks required a bit more muscle.

Since this project would be for some very important customers, dad made sure to use the highest quality materials.

Modern lumber and metal supports were used to ensure a stable, solid platform.


Safety is always a priority but that doesn't mean these rails aren't beautiful and cool.

The finished product is a perfect set of beds for imaginative children.

Or a fort. Or a pirate ship. Or a treehouse. Who knows what adventures these two will have in their dreams, in beds like these.

Credit: Instructables

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