This Family Created A Backyard That Would Put The Pros To Shame

Jan 1, 2015

Is there anything sweeter than spending a hot, summer day floating around in your very own pool in your backyard? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re just lazily enjoying the cool embrace of that H2O. When the temperature rises, there’s nothing better than going for a dip and letting your problems drift away. The sensation harkens back to a simpler time when folks would just head on down to the ol’ swimming hole and gather with friends for a day of fun in the sun. But modern pools, while nice, aren’t the same as an all-natural pond. They’re expensive to keep up and they require a decent amount of chemical treatment to stay clean. For some people, that’s a deal breaker. One family in Switzerland decided to take the best of both worlds and construct a family pool with more of a natural feel.

Reddit user VonBubenberg skipped the traditional pond liner, filter, and chlorine system when building the pool in his home’s backyard. Instead, he opted for a more natural process that gives his family a chemical-free, organic swimming experience that is not only easier on the skin, hair, and eyes, but also beautiful to look at. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, he constructed a swimming pond complete with live plants, real fish, and driftwood features to give his man-made pool the feel of a rustic pond. It’s a nice contrast to the hyper-modern architecture of his home and gives the illusion of being all the way out in the middle of the woods.

What started as a pretty ordinary backyard served as the backdrop for this natural oasis. Step one involved plotting the outline of the pond, as well as the deeper rectangle that could be used for swimming.

Once the plans were drawn, it was time to bring in the heavy machinery and get to digging!

With the holes dug, it was time to lay some pipe and get the backyard ready for the water system.

Next up, they had to lay the foundation for the pool. This required lining the area with felt. There’s not much room left in the background but once you see the final results, you’ll see it was worth it.

The family ordered a bunch of the materials for the pool off the internet, including this pond liner which came all the way from Germany.

The family then had to lay the stone for the pool and fill in the pond with gravel. According to VonBubenberg, it took the strength of five people nearly eight hours to complete the task, but it looks beautiful!


No pool would be complete without a bottom, so next up was laying the floor.

In any regular pool, filling up this narrow rectangle would be the final part of the job …

But this is no regular pool! The water kept flowing until the entire area was flooded into a pond.

Of course, winters in Switzerland are pretty intense. Construction of the pool had to stop when temperatures dropped to below freezing and the water froze. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat enjoy a pool this much.

Instead of a traditional filtration and chemical system, this pool uses a series of cascading filters to purify the water. This means no chemicals and no salt are needed! Additionally, the water is treated with special UV lights designed to kill any algae.

Of course, a pool like this should be enjoyed 24/7, so lights had to be installed to make night swimming an option.


The family added some decorative driftwood to add to the natural ambience and a fountain to keep the water moving at all times.

Soon, plant life was beginning to take root in the shallow parts of the pond and the family began construction on the relaxing deck that they could sun themselves on after a long swim.

This would be the perfect spot to enjoy a nice glass of lemonade in the hot summer sun.

And with the deck running along three sides of the pond, there’s plenty of room for friends and family.

The finished project shows what a difference this project has made for the backyard. Why choose between adding natural beauty and a recreational pool, when you can have both?

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H/T: VonBubenberg

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