This Family Found A Secret Room Behind Their Son's Dresser. What They Did Next Is The Coolest Part

When Sarah Goer and her husband moved into their house two years ago, they were suprised to see a small storage room attached to what would become their son's bedroom. Since their child was not even 2 years old at the time, it wasn't a very safe place for a baby to go and play. So, they decided to conceal it.

When the boy was older, they thought it would be a very cool surprise to tell him about the secret room behind his dresser. How they chose to reveal it is simply awesome.

The door was tiny, only 2 feet by 4 feet. It was small enough to be hidden behind the dresser so nobody would know it was there. 

The room was small and cramped due to the steep roof pitch. The floor space was ample though at 7 feet by 12 feet.


When the boy was 3 years old, they decided that this secret room would become his 4th birthday present. It was time to fix it up.

Their contractor ripped out the linoleum and wood paneling and installed new flooring molding, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. 

Then, Sarah began decorating. 

There wasn't enough space to put up a world map in her son's bedroom so this was the perfect place for it.


Some soft carpet so her son can lay down and read.

On his birthday they sent him on a treasure hunt, leaving clues around the house. The last clue was to slide the dresser over, revealing the hidden door.

Is this the best present or what? The perfect place for story time with Dad.

Credit: 22 Words | Things I Make 

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