This Family Lives In A Treehouse That Looks Like A Castle. Just Wait Until You See What's Inside

Taking a page straight out of Swiss Family Robinson, the eco-lodge designers and builders at Blue Forest developed a luxury treehouse that can support an entire family. 

Calling this one the "Living the Highlife Tree House," it's one of the most impressive to date.

Rather than relying on the gimmick of a tree house, the Highlife pushes beyond a rustic aesthetic. It's spacious and almost cathedral-like.


With a tree growing straight through the home.

It has three peaked towers with entrances up through trapdoors that lead to a media and gaming room. When you're ready to shut off the TV and spend some time outside, you can swing down from the 240-foot zip line.

The home comes with a full kitchen, bathroom, and a double-wing layout that allows for both children's and adult's entertaining spaces. 

Blue Forest is the U.K.'s leading tree house architect and is at the forefront of the luxury treehouse trend for families. The homes are environmentally friendly and affordable, with new homes starting at just £20,000.


If you're wondering if the treehouse life is right for you, you can contact Blue Forest and they'll set you up with a stay in one of their top treehouses in the U.K.

Would you be able to live in the trees in a luxury pad like this?

Credit: Blue Forest

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