This Family Thought They Were Getting Two Normal Dogs, But Then They See Them In Person...

Though they had three beautiful kids already, Joshua and Bee Fisher felt like expanding their happy family a little further by getting some dogs. After extensive research, they settled on the Newfoundland breed due to their gentle, loving demeanor. Still, there was one thing their research didn't prepare them for until they saw the dogs in person...

Looking to add to their family, the Fishers wanted a breed known for getting along with kids.

The family did a lot of research, and decided to go with two Newfoundlands because of their calm, loving demeanor.

Still, when Mom and Dad saw the dogs in person, they were surprised by their size. The breed can grow up to six feet in length from nose to tail, and weigh over 270 pounds!

They're basically a furry NFL linebacker.


When they brought Ralphie and Boss home, the dogs weighed 125 and 160 pounds, respectively.

The dogs turned out to be exactly as advertised: awesome with the little ones!

They're absolute teddy bears, allowing the kids to crawl all over them.


The only downside is the hair and drool - of which there are plenty! The family definitely keeps plenty of paper towels on hand.

Even though they didn't realize just how truly massive these dogs can become, they haven't regretted their decision for an instant.

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H/T: Paw My Gosh | Ralphie & BOSS

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