This Family Wanted To Renovate Their House, So They Built This Epic Wall In One Of The Rooms.

Ten years ago, the parents of some restless kids decided to harness their energy into a home climbing wall.

Now the kids are competitive boulder climbers and their home gym needed an update for their current training.

Storage was a problem-- it was a little too high to be useful.

The first step was to strip the wall of its climbing holds.

The old plywood was pulled and saved.

Now the old climbing room is just a huge mess.

The kids got into the rehab effort, pulling nails from the wood so it can be reused.

Here's the loose design and plan.

All of the framing and plywood was laid out.

Now, onto building the framing members.


The first design was a little too tight up at the top.

The kids get in the picture.

Here's 12 feet of the 40 degree wall's framework. 

The original frame wood and some 2x10s donated from a friend made up the new design. (The 2x10s came from a demolished ice rink.)

Here are the 10, 20, 30 and 40 degree walls and the vertical climb in the back.

Now the old plywood comes back, along with a few extra sheets.

Different angled walls transition into each other. It's a cool looking space.

Now for the safety padding at the base.

The holds get a good power washing.

Now it's the fun part-- where to put them?


Here is the new wall.

And for a challenge round, the hangboard area.

The storage has been updated and it's now an easy-access cubby system.

Looks much better, doesn't it?

This is pretty much every kid's dream room.

Credit: Imgur

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