This Father And Son Duo Make The Wildest Bookcases. You'll Want Your Own When You See What They Do.

When this crafty father-and-son duo teamed up to replace the shelves in the living room, they created something that so perfectly expresses not only their technical prowess, but also their whimsical creative side.

Hard to believe that these cases, constructed using only blonde wood, were all made by hand.

The first step was constructing the face panels that give the cases that bending, twisting look.


The next step was cutting the shelves. (The cabinets were bendy, but the shelves needed to rest flat.)

Here are the two face panels, two base panels and the shelves for one of the bookcases.

They glued the shelves to the base panels and clamped them in place. Here it just looks like your run-of-the-mill bookcase.


But once the face panels come in...

They add a sense of twisting motion and fun.

A coat of stain and three coats of clear sealer provide the finishing for the shelves. DIY for the win.

Credit: Reddit 

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