This Faux-Waterfall Braiding "Headband" Will Keep Your Flowing Locks In Check

Long hair is something of a paradox. Those who have it often tout its ease of care. You don't often style lengthy locks in wild, high-maintenance ways. You can really just get out of bed, brush out the tangles, and be on your way. But there's a reason long hair is often described as "luxurious." It can be quite a burden! It's incredibly difficult to wash, taking far more shampoo than short hair and taking far longer to dry, as well. It can often get caught, snagged, or trapped in various ways and, indeed, many professions require either short hair or for long hair to be tied up tightly for safety reasons. And don't even get us started on windy days with long hair.

Most of all, though, long hair can simply just get in the way. Whether you're reading a book or trying to eat, sometimes long hair just seems to want to make your life difficult. Well, there are solutions. Hair clips, ties, and headbands can all be used to manage unruly manes.

What if we told you there was a solution that didn't even require you to carry around such hair tamers? One that will keep your hair in check and look good in the process? What if we told you that this solution was so simple, that anyone can do it in a snap? Well, look no further than this video from Bailey at Cute Girls Hairstyles to get a fun braiding method that will let you wear your hair down without the issues usually inherent in doing so.

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H/T: Cute Girls Hairstyles

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