This Fireman's Hilarious Obituary Sets A New Bar For Obituaries Everywhere

When life gives me a bad situation, I find that it always helps to at least find some humor in it somewhere. The car broke down, my phone ran out of juice, and my credit card got declined at the mechanic's shop? At least I have someone's attention up there! Sometimes things are just bad in ways that are beyond our control. In moments like that, it's best to just find any reason you can to smile. Troubles come and go, but laughter always remains the best medicine.

In fact, laughter can even lighten the mood around one of the darkest, most depressing topics out there: death. Just look at this fireman's hilarious obituary and you'll see just what I mean. 

Fireman William Ziegler passed away last month, but not before giving all his family and friends one last, hearty laugh.

Brilliant! Not only is it hilarious, it also pays tribute to his life and service. It's everything an obituary should be!

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