This Five Star Hotel Was Built Just For Cats. After Seeing What's Inside, I'm Green With Envy.

Among the amenities of one of Britain's grandest hotels are private chauffeurs, a country club atmosphere, themed rooms and prawn feasts. Before you book a room, though, it's worth mentioning: this isn't a hotel for people. It's the UK's most luxurious cat hotel.

This is the Moulin-Rouge-themed feline room.

Homesick kitties can Skype with owners from the hotel's laptops.


Luxury toys and plenty of cozy perching places provide space to stay comfy and entertained.

Seven luxury rooms complete with toys, sun loungers and cozy furniture make up the hotel.


Televisions in each room allow cats to watch their favorite wildlife shows.

Each room comes with a full, human-sized bed, a TV and climbing gear. It's the only cat boarding facility that offers the chance for owners to check in live with their pets via Skype.

For £250 a week, the luxury rooms at Hotel Cat come with toys, sun loungers and cozy furniture. And yes, elaborate dinners are a nightly highlight.

Credit: Hotel Cat l Daily Mail

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