This Floating Home Looks Luxurious From Here, But Its Best Feature Is Hiding Below The Surface

Dubai, a city known for lavish architecture, has outdone itself yet again with the unveiling of new properties by the Kleindienst Group.

They've dubbed the new villas "floating seahorses." They are part of Klienienst's "Heart of Europe" artificial island villas.

These luxury accommodations aren't just for Dubai's mega-wealthy – beneath the seahorses, artificial coral reef is being created to encourage marine life to move in. This includes actual seahorses that now find themselves on the endangered species list.

The villas have three levels: a sea-level deck with a glass-bottomed spa, an upper deck and a lower bedroom level that's completely underwater.


The homes are listed for $1.8 million (USD). Of the 42 homes built, 35 have been sold.

The homes are expected to be finished by the end of next year with human tenants moving in 2017. (The marine life has already made itself at home in the finished corral.)

So if you've always dreamed of commuting in by boat and spending a Sunday relaxing above your private reef, get your millions ready and head on over to Kleindienst for a private tour.

Credit: Quartz | The Heart of Europe

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