This Former Church Has Been Renovated To Be One With Nature. It Is Bizarre, But Also Beautiful

Deep in the heart of South East London lies one of the most spectacular and astonishing sights in the city. Formerly known as Clare College Mission Church, the building was originally built in 1900. Now known as Dilston Grove, the property has undergone a facelift which has caused some rather unique results as every inch of wall space is covered in a thick layer of grass.

Conceived by British Artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, Dilston Grove is covered with a thick layer of grass on all of its walls. 

Formerly used as a place of worship, it was sold and used as art studios in the 1960s and is now primarily used as an art gallery. 


Ample light is able to get in through the windows to provide the grass with essential nutrients through photosynthesis. 

The grass is able to grow because the walls are lined with a thick mixture of clay and seeds that provide the perfect combination of rigidity and nutrients.

The project is part of a series of structures covered with grass. Below is a former army barracks in Northern Ireland that has also been covered in a thick layer of green.


The gallery even features some art that is inspired by the décor.

Credit: Archfly | Ackroyd & Harvey

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