This French Bulldog Throws A Hilarious Tantrum Every Time She Sees This Shark

Everyone knows that dogs love toys, but not all dog toys are created equal. You may be surprised by just how picky your pets can be about the toys they're playing with. I once knew a dog who would refuse to touch anything with a bell - but only during the day. Go figure, right?

Sometimes, dogs can also be a little intimidated by a new toy. It's actually not uncommon, and most pet owners can recall a time when their dog approached a new toy with extreme caution, sniffing it and barking at it until they're sure it's safe. That's precisely what happens to Swayze, a three-year-old French Bulldog who really doesn't like one of the Christmas toys her human sibling got recently. 

As you'll see below, Swayze takes one look at that shark toy and decides right away that she hates it. She starts growling and snarling at it, and approaches it very slowly. Her owner says that she's never seen her react that way before. Personally, I can't really blame her. That shark is definitely pretty menacing, especially if you're as tiny and cute as Swayze is.

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H/T: Rumble Viral

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