This Genius Idea Makes Biking Up Hills A Problem Of The Past With The First-Ever Bike Escalator.

Bicycling is a cheap and healthy mode of transportation, but getting up a steep hill can pose a serious challenge for the casual cyclist. For citizens of the Norwegian city Trondheim, this is no longer a problem – they have installed the world’s first bike escalator.

To use the CycloCable, bicyclists simply place one foot on the escalator’s platform and enjoy the ride uphill at a speed of 5mph. As many as five people can use it at once, and although it was invented with bikes in mind, it also works great with scooters, shopping carts, and baby strollers.

The bike escalator was invented in the 1990’s by a cycling commuter, Jarle Wanvik, who was tired of showing up to work red-faced, sweaty, and exhausted. Since installation the CycloCable has carried over 200,000 bicyclists up a 150-meter-long hill, and become a prime tourist destination.

This invention is a great way to promote bike use and cut down on pollution in hilly cities, but the reward comes with a cost. Just one meter of this escalator costs $2,000 – $3,000.


This young boy would have had a tough ride without the escalator. 

Directions are printed on these signs, but the CycloCable is incredibly easy to use. 

The platform sits at an angle and easily supports any shoe size. 

Simply place your foot on the platform and up you go. 


The site has become a magnet for tourists who are eager to see the world’s first bike escalator in motion. 

Whether you are a kid just having fun or a mom who needs a break, the bike escalator is a great invention. 

Sorry hills, you can’t hold us back anymore. 

To see the CycloCable live, check out this video, and don’t forget to share these unique images with anyone who loves biking or traveling.

Credit: Trampe

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