This Georgia Town Is For Sale On Ebay, And Best Of All, You Might Recognize It From Television

The city of Grantville, Georgia has a population of about 3,000, and has struggled ever since the closing of its local cotton mill in 1991. The town has been around since 1852, but never really took off until recently, when it became one of the filming locations for AMC’s popular television show, “The Walking Dead.” Since then the town has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, and many local shops and vendors readily stock up on merchandise to sell to people passing through. Perhaps one of the rarest and most expensive collectibles for any fan, the dowtntown portion of Grantville has just gone up for sale on eBay, at the starting price of $680,000. 

The total auction consists of 9 buildings on 40,000 square feet of land.

Many parts of the town were dressed up to be especially creepy for the filming of the show.

This town was specifically chosen for its small and ghostly feel.

Many of the buildings are really worn down from the elements.


The seller, Jim Sells, is optimistic about the ability for someone to come in and start making a profit from these buildings, as they include a pizza restaurant, loft apartments, office space, and a pharmacy.

Jim Sells is also the former mayor of the town, and owns two additional historical buildings.

Since the original listing gained more attention than he expected, Sells created a new post that includes the two additional buildings for $940,000.


The new listing encompasses 90% of downtown Grantville.

While the town used to be home to a large mop factory, it has been torn down, and remains an empty lot.

There also used to be a large flea market, but it stopped operations along with the closing of the cotton factory in 1991.

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic

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