This Girl Is Feeding Her Neighborhood Birds, But Wait Until You See What They Do For Her In Return

It's as if Disney's “Cinderella” has come to life – 8-year-old Gabi Mann has a unique relationship with birds that feels like a real-life fairytale. It all started one ordinary day, when a crow snatched up some lunch she had dropped. She enjoyed the interaction, and before long, Gabi and her brother were both feeding the neighborhood crows every single day. Now, hundreds of birds wait patiently for breakfast outside their house each morning... but that's not all these amazing creatures do.

One day, the morning ritual of filling feeders and scattering food on the ground took an interesting turn – the birds began paying for their meals, or in the very least, leaving a nice tip.

Unshelled peanuts are a crow favorite, and after the crows have cleaned their plates, Gabi often finds small trinkets left behind.

The collection is constantly growing, but she has a few favorites in her treasure trove, including bags of sea glass.


The crown jewel of it all, however, is a pearl-colored heart, which she takes as a symbol of the birds' love.

A word of warning if you'd like to start this hobby: the gifts are not always so beautiful, at least by human standards. Gabi once received a crab claw that was well past its prime. Her mom politely rejected that one.

Still, these gifts and the simple pleasure of feeding the birds have brought great joy into this little girl's life and, by extension, the lives of those around her. It's truly one of those rare, happily ever-after stories.

Sources: BBC | The Bittersweet Life

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